Try for the Exordinary


With  time I have tried to explore different ways to try and capture what I have in my mind. After seeing photos of light trails it has been a great fascination of mine and something that I love to capture. Yes, I do enjoy taking the run of the mill photo’s, but these type of images to myself always have that certain ‘WOW’ factor.

Similar in a sense to some of the fine art images and daylight long exposure images using ND filters. But instead of smoothing out the ripples in the water to make any sense of movement disappear, you can imagine the traffic rushing along the motorway at speed in the twilight. yet with that as well you can also get drama from the surroundings and sky as the next image shows


It is the same principal as the previous image, but the sky makes the difference. I do my best not to post process and tend to try and get everything how I would like before I take the shot. It might take a few shots of going through the settings and trail and error but I find that I don’t like to mess around too much with what I shoot._mg_1655

This image is from the same bridge and taken with in the same time frame but facing the opposite direction. I just wanted to show how light conditions can change or be different, from facing one direction to another. From one moment to another the light can change and either make or ruin your shoot.


With this I am just using as an example of how you can have fun with this technic of photography. It’s a case of having to stand still for however long the exposure is for. But in its own way can be a awesome image.


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