Hi, my name is Martin Metchick, I am a passionate photography mad person. It is something that has grown with me as I have developed and learnt my craft. It is something that always amazes me, with loads of techniques that I am still finding out about. I think of an image as a special moment in time that has been captured, holds something special related to either the image or to a person in the image_mg_1650

I take a variety of styles of images, from Landscapes to Long Exposure. Each time trying to expose some kind of drama or excitement with in the image. As the above image shows plenty of drama and the sense of movement. Be it from the moving clouds or to the moving traffic driving along the road. I enjoy taking portraits and love the look on peoples faces when the shot taken is more than what people expected.20160813-_mg_2658.jpg

Street photography, Candid or Environmental photography is something that I would love to do more with given the chance too. it is an amazing way to capture life of people and how good or bad life can be.20170103-_mg_6363_mg_4136


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